Top 5 courier services in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to many reliable and efficient courier services that make it easy for individuals and businesses to send and receive packages both domestically and internationally. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 courier services in Jamaica.

  1. SSMC Xpress International is a unique international and domestic courier-carrier service that provides a range of related services to existing and prospective customers. They have their own locations in Florida, Kingston, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Some of the services they offer include same-day delivery, export services, freight consolidation, ocean freight, and a USA shipping address.
  2. Reliable Courier JA operates with the sole intention of providing a service that yields maximum value for its customers and owners alike. They seek to incorporate industry best practices at all times and always incorporate and utilize the latest technology and other resources to ensure they provide the best possible service.
  3. Doorway Express prides itself on being Jamaica’s most reliable courier service. They work hard every day to be the premier Courier/Logistics Company for Jamaica by providing a wide range of solutions while improving their value to their customers’ one delivery at a time.
  4. Tara Courier Services Ltd. serves over 1800 clients providing delivery services in all 14 parishes on the island and has over thirty years of experience in the courier industry. They are able to provide full island-wide delivery service options with their extensive network of 6 branch offices and 40 Drop Stations, along with a fleet of over 100 vehicles, 2 aircrafts, 3 trucks, and over 170 staff members.
  5. BNB Courier Ltd. is a third-party freight company that engages in package and mail forwarding which began operations in March 2018. They provide services both to individuals and businesses. Once you have completed their registration process, you will be issued a shipping/mailing address in the United States, to which all packages should be shipped. Packages will then be shipped to Jamaica on a bi-weekly basis – on Mondays and Fridays following which they will be available for customer pick-up the following day.

These are just some of the top courier services in Jamaica that provide reliable and efficient delivery options for individuals and businesses. Whether you need to send or receive packages domestically or internationally, these companies have got you covered.