5 Free Google Maps Data Extractors for Efficient Data Extraction


In today’s data-driven world, extracting valuable information from sources like Google Maps has become essential for businesses and individuals alike. Whether it’s gathering restaurant data for market analysis or obtaining contact details for local services, the need for efficient data extraction tools is on the rise. In this article, we will explore five free Google Maps data extractors that can help you acquire the necessary information to support your endeavors.

  1. Google Maps API – Accessing Fresh Place Data:

One of the most reliable methods is utilizing the Google Maps Place API, which provides access to a range of place-related information. By setting up an account and generating an API key, users can make HTTP requests to retrieve place search results, details, photos, autocompletion, and more. Although this method is not entirely free and involves pay-as-you-go pricing, it ensures the availability of up-to-date place data from Google Maps.

  1. Google Maps Web Scraping Template – Octoparse:

Octoparse, a leading free data extractor, offers an advanced feature known as “web scraping templates.” These preformatted crawlers are designed for specific websites, including Google Maps, making data extraction a breeze. With Octoparse’s Google Maps template, users can effortlessly extract place names, ratings, addresses, websites, phone numbers, and operating hours. The template is readily available and completely free for everyone to use.

  1. Web Scraper Chrome Extension – Flexibility and Customization:

Web Scraper, a popular Chrome extension, is an excellent choice for those looking to scrape websites, including Google Maps. Offering cloud service support, API integration, IP rotation, and extraction project scheduling, Web Scraper provides flexibility in customized data extraction. However, it does require a learning curve, and data storage is limited to one or two months. Additionally, it may be more costly for users on a limited budget.

  1. Github Open-source Projects – Leveraging Existing Solutions:

Github, the world’s leading software development platform, hosts a vast collection of open-source projects that can aid in Google Maps data extraction. These projects, created and shared by developers worldwide, can save time and effort by providing pre-existing scraper codes. However, it’s crucial to note that maintenance and compatibility issues may arise if the project’s code hasn’t been updated to match any changes in the Google Maps website structure.

  1. Python Frameworks and Libraries – Customized Data Extraction:

For experienced programmers, leveraging Python frameworks and libraries such as Scrapy and Beautiful Soup can yield highly customized Google Maps data extractors. These tools offer greater control and flexibility in building crawlers tailored to specific requirements. However, they may not be practical for novice coders who lack extensive knowledge of web crawling and data extraction techniques.


When it comes to extracting data from Google Maps, these five free options provide a range of solutions suitable for different user profiles. From utilizing APIs and web scraping templates to open-source projects and Python frameworks, there are choices available regardless of coding proficiency. Whether you’re a non-coder seeking a user-friendly interface or an experienced programmer looking for customization, these data extractors empower you to acquire valuable information from Google Maps efficiently and effectively.